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Learn all the tips and tricks from marking out a perfect brow shape, to determining and achieving the most natural brow pattern for each client.

Want to excel in the cosmetic tattooing industry?


Stella is trusted by many celebrities and media personalities and has created perfect brows for many of the faces we see on our television screens.

✓ Learn from one of Australia’s leading cosmetic brow tattooist, specialising in semi-permanent tattoo procedures.

For the first, and possibly the last time, Stella is offering short courses in micro-blading (feather stroke tattooing) in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Whether you are a beginner or someone with industry experience who wants to learn Stella’s technique and mastery, this is the course for you!

✓ As part of the training workshops Stella will teach you all her expert tips and tricks from marking out a perfect brow shape, to determining and achieving the most natural brow pattern for each client.

✓ We understand that this is can be a large investment for some individuals. We are happy to assist with payment plans click the link below to speak with one of our friendly team members for assistance.



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✘ 2 day intensive workshop in your selected State with Stella

✘ Professional microblading kit valued at $1,300

✘ Theory book/manual

✘ Intimate classes of up to 10 students

✘ 3 months online support ; extra tuition is charged at $200/month if required by student

✘ 2 x Certificates upon completion

✘ Student discount for product purchased at our online store

✘ Flexible payment plans

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With many years of tattooing experience Stella is the trusted cosmetic tattooist for many of the celebrities/media personalities we see on our screens today.

Our course combines various techniques Stella has mastered over many years. We’ve condensed this into a practical and down-to-earth training program that makes it easy for you to master 3D microblading and excel in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Stella is certified in 3D Microblading, Shading, Phi Brows and Full Lip Blend Tattooing and is highly regarded in the industry.

Online correspondence is offered for a period of 6 months in order for those with a busy lifestyle to complete the course in their own time and with ease after the 2 intensive days with Stella herself, as we understand that students have busy schedules and may be working full time at the time of studying. We prefer that our students sit for their final assessment once they are competent in this skill rather than rushing to complete it in a short time frame.

✔ Bystella academy offers flexible payment plans so you can pay your course off in affordable instalments.

✔ Students will be provided with 6 months expert support as well as 2 highly recognised certificates upon completion of the course.

✔ There will also be employment opportunities available to those who seek employment within Bystella Pty Ltd once you receive certification.

+ Theory book: How long do students have to complete?

We suggest you read it the week prior to the course commencing This is why we request that students pay for the course at least 1 week prior to starting the course so that we can mail it out to you for revision. The exercises are done in class on day 1 as a group with Stella's guidance.

+ Are students required to bring models?

No all work is carried out on skin simulation to ensure everyone is working safely and at the right depth. You will still be learning all of the shaping principals on mannequin heads and amongst peers and all pattern work is done on stencils. This technique will not be mastered in the two days if you are at a beginner level. This is why we provide the ongoing support FOR 6 MONTHS in order for us to progress you from the most basic level until you can complete a full brow pattern safely and evenly prior to commencing work on live models. Your practical assessment will require you to work on 2 live models once all of the stencil work is approved and passed.

+ There was mention of payment options, could you please provide further detail?

We do not provide finance, however once we receive your deposit you can break up the remaining fee in weekly or monthly installments prior to your course commencing this is tailored to each and every student wanting payment plans.

+ Are there any course dates set for early next year?

Not at this stage we have only worked out our calendar up to the beginning of December

+ Can this service be provided from a home setup?

Yes , We provide you with the relevant information & steps you need to take in order for this to take place in our course.

+ Do students learn ombre effect?

We are not offerring this in this particular course as microblading it is such a detailed and tricky skill to master. We find that if student are trying to retain too much new information in various skills they can't master each skill set quickly. We suggest that our students do the microblading to start with and then can do add on courses or training for Ombre /shading.


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